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The Winner's Circle

Pet Name: Twister

Award Won: 7th Place

Details: On Thursday the 17th I had my county fair. Only the top 75% in each class goes to auction. I got last out of 16 with my first goat and then with my 2nd goat twister I got 7th out of 9!!!! Its no grand champion but it put me on the auction stand.

I was extremely proud of him. =)

iv had a really great but stressfull year with my goats. Its only my 2nd year and I'm still learning a lot.

Posted by: goatgirl132

Pet Name: Ace

Award Won: Canine Good Citizen Award

Details: He is just that good! ;)

Posted by: AmandaKateDavis

Pet Name: Cali the Survivor

Award Won: Champion

Even Participated In: Des Moines ACFA Cat Show

Details: Cali is just two finals away from becoming a Grand Champion! Hoping that she will achieve that at the Springfield, MO show in November!

Posted By: Smiley

Pet Name: Missy

Award Won: Most Well-Trained

Event Participated In: Library Pet Parade, circa 2004

Details: The local library held an informal dog-walk one afternoon, and everyone was given awards. Missy is no longer with us, but she's Payne's mother.

Posted By: AnimalFamily


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