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If you have a pet who has passed away or is no longer with you for another reason, give them special mention here. Click here to add your memoriam. rainbow bridge


My sister's 14 year old dog Ash has been ill for a few weeks. He deteriorated Christmas Day, Boxing Day they had to call the vet and he was euthanised R.I.P. Ash run free over The Rainbow Bridge. xxx

From catslave


Lady was my very first dog I got in grade 4. She was a surprise birthday present from my parents and we spent every waking moment together that we could. She slept beside me under the covers at night and wouldn't even eat without me there (that could get annoying in my teenage years but I still loved her). She was with me when I had my first heartbreak, when I moved into my first home on my own and when I graduated high school. She was there in good times and in bad and lived 15 wonderful years, it was hard to watch her go downhill in the end. She passed away of a stroke laying in my arms at the end and I still miss her dearly! RIP my best friend!

From Aleshia


I just lost my beautiful 5 1/2 year old guinea pig, Lambert. He lived with me since he was a baby and he was surrounded by love and he gave love. He leaves behind his friends who miss him, but he joins his piggie family who passed before him.


From Catherine


smores was a great bunny, brought to me sick. the poor guy passed away a couple of days after i got him. rest in peace buddy, i hope youre having fun in bunny heaven

From triciakate19


Jonathan was a bearded dragon with a missing front foot. I brought her home when she was two months old and she lived 9 years with me. She slept on my bed every night and I miss her so much. She was very special.

From Catherine


Last month I lost an important member of my family. Yuuki was a very elderly gerbil of six. She taught me what true courage and forgiveness was, as well as gave me countless hours of laughter and companionship. She is survived by her bonded friend, Nozomu and Seph, who was her protector. We'll meet again when it's time, until then eat all the sunflower seeds you can hide away.

Yuuki's picture

From Nagichan


I would like to leave a note to my Apollo who passed last year, He was my constant shadow and I loved him so much. He was a gorgeous German Shepherd and was so loving and gentle. Goodnight Sweetheart, wait by the Bridge for me.

From wildcats


Cowbell passed a few months ago from sudden illness. Her health declined too quick for me to seek medical help. All I can say is sorry little buddy, I gave you all my love. At least you died safes in my hands...

From Almari7


Xena passed over rainbow bridge on May 13, 2013 from a prolonged illness of Cushings. She brought such joy and light to my life for her 12 plus years, she will be forever in my heart.

From xena414


In memory of my sisters gorgeous girl passed over The Rainbow Bridge just recently..R.I.P. gorgeous girl she's the one on the left saying a few words.

From catslave


Rambo was our beautiful little male. he was intact, but at about 4 / 5 months of age he developed a U.C. problem. (stones) we tried everything we could to help him; surgeries, medication, different water treatments. we were able to get him better, he was peeing so well, and then one morning he completely blocked up with a stone. he was screaming in pain, and we had no other choice then to put him down. only just a few days before my birthday. this was tragic. he was our little baby. once the vet released him to us from his first surgery he lived in our house with us. he lived in the house for almost 3 months. he was so sweet.

From critergiter09


Our oldest female goat, and for a long time the Alpha female of the herd. She made a place for herself, and had many babies in her lifetime. She was a very memorable goat.

From AnimalFamily


Oreo was one of our oldest and best goats. She passed 3 days after Christmas, which just broke my heart. Unfortunately, I don't have any of her progeny. Her babies were always some of the first to sell and everyone who saw them admired them. I sold her last little billy in September and I am still kicking myself, but at the time, I thought, "I'll let her breed one more time this spring and keep that one, no matter what." But she went into mourning for little Nemo, and just never recovered. I feel like such a heel.

Oreo was a complete ham, and I have lots of good photos of her. Probably sounds pretty lame, but I really miss her.

From ozarkmtgirl


Gus wasn't my dog but my daughters Staffy but I loved the dear old fella, his kidneys shut down and he passed over the Rainbow Bridge 3 months ago. R.I.P. old boy you'll be missed.

From catslave


Bee was one of our oldest hens, and the closest to being a pet. She would hop up on your arm, your shoulder, or sometimes your head, as long as you had some corn. She would let me hold her for long periods of time, even when I held her to let children pet her. She is even the chicken in our site avatar. Unfortunately, our neighbor's dogs killed her recently. She will be missed...

From AnimalFamily


Ace is what turned me onto help rescue the breed. Every pit bull, well every dog, deserves to be treated how Ace was. He was the absolutely sweetest dog in the world. He loved anything and everything! He was the best trained and most socialized dog I have ever seen. He had several awards for his behavior and train ing including the CGC Award in several different registries. He was a confirmation show dog, excelled in weight pull, dock diving, and started in agility. He is the perfect dog and I miss him dearly. I love him and he died knowing it. I loved Ace so much I had his portrait tattooed on my back in memory of him. He was only 19 months old when he died..

From AmandaKateDavis

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